Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 1

A little introduction, Chris and I have been thinking of taking Miss T somewhere on a plane to see how she would do. We actually really wanted to go to Hawaii, but being that it's 4 hours each way, we thought we'll try somewhere close first. We decided on Seattle and once my parent heard about it, they decided that they're going with my brother's family as well. So, it's not only enough that I work with my mom and my brother, I'm taking a vacation with all of them as well. Good thing I actually like my family. =)

- Virgin America have nice new planes and a screen for each person. We were delayed for about an hour but they made up for it by flying fast enough to cut half an hour off the trip. Miss T fell asleep on the take off and didn't wake up until an hour later. So the trip was okay.

- It was lunch time by the time we got there, so I decided that we'll drive by Salumi to see how long the line is. Miss T is getting hungry as well so if the line is too long, we'll have to make other plans. Luckily for us, it was just outside the door. One of the worker was passing out a cayenne and garlic salumi to taste while we're waiting. It was good, but Chris decided to try a different one on his sandwich. I decided to spurge and get the cured meat platter. I had the better choice as you can see from the picture below. (By the way, we highly recommend the mole version.)

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 1

- We were staying with a relative of mine that lives in Bellevue. After getting lost for a while (the number streets does not go in order and will change name as you keep going on the same road!), we met up with my parents and my brother's family. The house is really too big, I would guess at least 4000 sq ft. All I could think about is, who's cleaning this place???

- A big house to stay in means a big house to chase after Miss T. Along with her two cousins, they love running from one end to the other. The problem is that there is a wood stairwell that we have to make sure Miss T doesn't try to go down. This translate to a lot of running back and forth for Chris and I as well.

- Dinner was at another one of my relatives' house. Home cooked meals is always appreciated while traveling. She must've been cooking all afternoon as there are about 7-8 dishes including soup.

- Bellevue is as suburbia as you could get. There are all these really cool little playground sprinkler throughout the neighborhood. The house where we had dinner was across from one and of course all the girls wanted to play after dinner. Miss T looks to be enjoying it.

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 1

- Just wanted to share one more picture of Hannah and Sara reading Miss T a bedtime story. I guess this trip is one way Miss T could experience what having siblings would be like.

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 1

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