Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 2

So day 2 started out okay. Miss T was up around 6:30 or so and my dad was also up chatting with my relatives already. This turned into him taking Miss T to proceed waking the rest of the family up (I'm sure Alan really appreciated that every morning). This is the day we are driving up to Canada.

- I was able to get Miss to stay still long enough for pigtails in her hair. Her aunt decided to put my nieces in them as well. So pigtails for everyone!

- The drive up to Canada was pretty uneventful. A little less than 2 hours and we are at the border from Seattle.

- We are actually staying in Richmond instead of Vancouver. I know before going that there are a lot of Chinese living in Richmond. But I don't think you could really get a feel for it until you see that there are malls everywhere filled with Chinese businesses. I'm pretty sure you could get by there without a word of English.

- Food courts in those malls are actually quite good. I had the best roast pork ever in one of those malls. It really does enforce Chris' theory that Chinese people only shop and eat though. Even Miss T was shopping 'til she dropped.

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 2

- I found a store in Richmond called The Real Canadian Superstore. It's like one of those huge Walmart or Super Target that sells everything. The difference? I went completely crazy for their kids clothes. I later found out that all the clothes there are designed by Joseph Mimran, person behind places like Club Monaco. I think I got about 14 pieces of clothing for the girls at around $100. Look at this cute dress I got for Miss T for $7.95.

- Chris and I ate too much in the afternoon at the said food courts. So we skipped dinner that night. Miss T though, had a roast pork bun and about 1/2lb of strawberries. That amount of strawberries in such a little person makes for a very unpleasant diaper experience the next day.

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