Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 4

Day 4 started out fine. We're planning on eating a dim sum brunch and heads back over to the US. Little did we know how long that actually took...

- Found this really ugly sofa in the dim sum restaurant. Really, I think this is the ugliest sofa I've seen for a long time. The girls look cute on it though.

- We should have known to change our plans when we saw that the wait time through the border is "unknown". This is what it looked like:
Seattle-Vancouver: Day 4

- More than 4 hours later, we finally crossed the border. I guess being that we're all US citizens, we went through pretty quickly. So, really, the long wait is because all those Canadians that decided to cross the border on their long weekend. (What are they celebrating on BC Day anyways??)

- My brother rushed out to catch a baseball game when they got back to Seattle. My parents yet again went to an Indian casino like they did almost every night on our trip. So Chris and I decided to at least seek out a cafe. We found this cute little cafe in Renton that had great cupcakes. They even had mini cupcakes that's the perfect size for Miss T. The funny thing is that she doesn't like her hands dirty, so she refused to eat the icing.
Seattle-Vancouver: Day 4

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