Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 5

Ah yes, where did I left off? I should probably finish writing about this trip before I completely forget what happened. Day 5 ended up to be the most touristy day of our vacation. After being stuck at the border for more than 4 hours the day before, I think we were determined to see Seattle, at least the two most famous attractions.

- Pike's Market. I think I was more impress it with it the first time I was there a few years ago, before the ferry market opened up in San Francisco. While it is still great to see local produce at the farmer's market, somehow the experience is just not the same. (Yes, I know the ferry building is modeled after Pike's Market.) Love how much work some vendors put into displaying the products though.

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 5

- Chris and I now been to the Space Needle area twice now. We still have not went up to enjoy the view. What can I say, we're cheap and can't justify spending $15 a person to stand in a long line. Besides, you could get great shots of the Space Needle from the bottom.

Seattle-Vancouver: Day 5

- We were with my parents and the relatives that we were staying with at this point. After Space Needle, they wanted to go to Chinatown to get food for dinner and have lunch. At this point, I've seen enough Chinatown to last a while so I suggested that we split up. Half of us went back to Pike's Market to walk around some more and look for a place to eat around there instead.

- What exactly is a crumblet?? I may never find out since they were sold at the crumblet shop.

- Dinner turned out to me cooking a fresh fish they got from Chinatown and bbq meat/poached chicken. We didn't really want to eat in, but since food was already bought for us, it would be rude to leave. (My parents, once again, went to an Indian Casino.) It did gives me a chance to use their built in steam oven. I want one of those! Yes, it cost about $3000 with installation. but still.

- Alan and Chris drove around for quite a while that night trying to find coffee/tea. You would think that wouldn't be such a problem in the Pacific Northwest. But it was and they came back empty handed.

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