Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Future Craft Projects

I was at Target this afternoon getting some medication for Chris (and spend way too much on other stuff that I had no intention of getting in the first place.) While I was walking around the baby section, I noticed these cute hair clips.

I like the fact that they are simple and modern. After I saw the price tag though ($9.99!), I decided that I finally found a craft to do that someone would wear!

These are not the first hair clips I found that ignite my desire to start making something again. A friend forwarded a personal Barack Obama fund-raising that she put together. For a $8 donation, she'll sent you one of these clips:

They're so cute and fun that I've been looking all over Etsy for other ideas. I think I could also incorporate some of the little beaded animals I made that I haven't figure what to do with on hair clips.

Time for another shopping trip to the craft store!

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