Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So much to catch up on...

- Halloween went pretty well. Although I did missed Talise's daycare parade because I had to finish up a big account. We did meet up with one of Talise's ex-daycare buddy at the mall and hung out there for a couple of hours. The two girls running around in their costume were way to cute!

- Even though Halloween was on a Friday, I actually didn't get a chance take pictures of Talise and her cousins until the next week. As you can see, the girls all looked great and didn't mind a chance to get into their costumes again.

- It's official! Talise's favorite word is "NO!"

- She is also getting quite bossy, "SIT down, Mama! Sit down!"

- She likes to name everybody she knows before sleep, some more than others (like her cousins).

- Time out is going on pretty often now. It may still take multiple time outs to get her to apologize sometimes. Stubborn little girl, no idea where she get that from! (In fact, she's in the corner right now.)

- All meats are "chicken" to her, at least we're out of the Costco chicken phase.

- Even though she still doesn't eat exactly the same thing we do yet, she does eat quite a few things that I'm happy about. Broccoli and kale, to name two. She will eat almost all fruits in sight! Carbs on the other hand, we're still working on.

- Thanksgivings went well, considering that she haven't been feeling the greatest and had to be around so many people from both of our families.

- We decided not to put up a Christmas Tree this year again. First, we don't have that much room. Secondly, she'll pull everything down. Maybe next year... She does enjoy the stockings hanging on the mantel though.

- Speaking of Christmas, don't tell her, but she's getting a little kitchen playset and probably a tricycle. Chris and I agreed long before that we will not over do it, with more presents from others and all. So we are limited to one big present each. I will probably have to go through her toys now to see if I could throw away/donate some that she no longer play with. Things like tuffed animals/dolls, she's just not interested in. Cars on the other hand...