Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

I think that since Talise is close to 2 this year at Christmas, she's able to appreciate a lot more. One of the first thing she noticed were the Christmas decorations. The classroom at daycare and home all of a suddenly have all these 'trees' (her word for anything green) around! I think the second thing she noticed and enjoyed are all the lights outside of people's houses. I know for sure that she now knows what snowman is! She recognize Santa, but doesn't get the concept of him yet. She also still screams when Santa walked into her daycare classroom during their little holiday concert/party. I guess we didn't do a good job at introducing her to Santa, since we never mentioned anything about. Next year, she may understand the concept more. I'm still trying to figure out how to approach this holiday. I don't want her to think Christmas is only a time to get presents from everyone. Since Chris nor I are religious, we will have to turn this into something else. Maybe a time for sharing with others and enjoy your family. I guess I have a whole year to figure it out!

- I think we were at about 5 different Christmas parties this year between family and friends. It's a bit hectic, but definitely enjoyable to see everyone since we all get so busy with our everyday lives that we don't make enough time to spend with people we like.

- Thankfully, the gifts were not too excessive. There are still a few things that I think I may donate to daycare so she could share with other kids. I am also in process of cleaning out her old toys so we could donate those as well. She spend most of the time during weekday at daycare, so it make sense for her toys to be there as well and we don't end up with a living room that look like a toy store.

- I think she's getting the hang of opening presents now. Of course, her birthday is just around the corner so she'll have more to open. I guess we will have to figure out whether to have a party for her or not this year. I might just bring stuff in daycare that day. We'll see.

- Her favorite toy so far is probably the wooden sushi set her Uncle Alan and Auntie Brittany got her. I don't think she went through a whole day without playing with it. It also goes with the kitchen I got her nicely.

- Chris got her a tricycle and she loves it. She has been pointing out bikes everywhere she goes. Not surprisingly since she's used to seeing her Dad's bikes. Now her helmet fits her better, we could go for walks with her on it. She's can't pedal yet, but it has a handle in the back for us to push and steer. I think she likes that more than the stroller.

- Her little cousin Audrey was born on 12/23! Talise is no longer the baby in my family. Looks forward to her playing the Talise soon as they are closer in age than her other two older cousins. Since Talise is an only child, her cousins will be the closest thing she has to siblings.

- Lastly, Chris got himself the Rock Band set for the Wii. Talise have been helping with the drums since. I think she enjoyed it a lot more before she got a chance to sit with my Dad on his set of real drums. She was talking about drumming with my Dad a long time afterward (well, what we understand of her description anyways).