Thursday, June 11, 2009

A few very random thoughts

- I discovered that there's nothing like thoughts of losing a few pounds to sent me to make desserts. I really do think I come up with the best ideas. (Picture and recipe to come soon if I manage to pull off what's in my head right now.)

- Am I the only one who thinks underwear are overpriced?!?!? And no, I'm not giving up on them.

- Speaking of thinking about losing a few pounds, I did discovered that finding clothes now is a lot easier. (It really just encourages me to buy more!)

- Talise really don't like to sleep.

- Why do they have so many fundraisers for daycare when we paid an insane amount of money each month already?? Yes, we try to participate on most as well.

- Foreign version of magazines like Woman's Day have much, much more interesting recipes. Eggplant and fish stew? Can't say I expect to see it in the US version anytime soon.

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