Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

peeling and more peeling...

This is what I was doing the morning of Christmas Eve. Let me tell you, peeling 5lbs of potatoes is not a fun job. Normally, we celebrate Christmas Eve with Chris' family at his grandparent's house and with my family on Christmas at my parent's house. This year, my parent decided that they are taking a trip to Vegas instead. So, the gathering with my family moved to my place as I'm more centrally located. We didn't mind since it gave us an excuse to totally go overboard with cooking. I decided to do as much as I can on Christmas Eve before we leave for his grandparent's house. Because we were making most things from scratch and that takes a bit of time. (We're a bit crazy like that.) All those potatoes ended up in this lovely dish.

Scallop potato

Don't ask me how much cream went in that dish. I'm determined to keep that a secret.

Here's the other side dish that I was serving. A rice dressing with chestnuts and apples.

Rice Dressing

This is suppose to go well with goose. Oh yeah, Chris decided that we will cook a goose for Christmas. Something different and traditional at the same time. We only found one store with a lone goose sitting in the freezer. But I'll tell you about that later.

Chris was in charge of dessert, as usual. Aside from the sour cream apple pie that I'm responsible for, he decided to make a caramelized banana lime tart, 3 kinds of truffles, gingerbread, and individual chocolate lava cakes.

Truffles filling

These are truffle fillings, not chocolate soups. We were having all kinds of problems with that white chocolate that day though. It was not setting in the filling and firming up too much when we went to coat the peppermint ones later on. Some of it have probably have to do with the cold weather. But I think since there's no standard for the ingredients that goes in the white chocolate, we may be using ones that have too high of a coco butter content. So until we could find a brand that will work, I think we are sticking with dark and milk chocolate for now. The three truffle flavors are thyme-honey (by far the best one), pineapple-coconut-rum, and peppermint.

After all that cooking, we drove up to Vacaville. (I'm pretty sure that is the land of grandparents.) We had a very nice visit with some of his family and grandparents. Miss T got to open her first Christmas present.

A really big present
It was much bigger than she is. Miss T named her "Banana". And Banana now sits next to bed. She also plays the role of the patient with a doctor set that her Aunt Jenni got her. For those who didn't know, Miss T tells us that she will be a doctor when she grows up. We'll see about that...

Chris got the chocolate lava cakes mixed and divided into small ramekins before going to bed. I think he mentioned that he got to bed at 3am. (I was of course completely out by then.) Although I think a little of it had to do with him playing DJ Hero (gift from his sister), a little too late as well.

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