Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Time

Oh look, a blog post. How long ago was my last one? (Of course I could look it up easily, but let's just agree on "a while" and we'll move on.) Things have not slow down around here. Time does seem to go much faster with a little one around. With the hectic weekday routine and trying to make the most of the weekend, weeks and months goes by and it's December already! Now that Miss T is closer to 3, I figure we could start doing more Christmas activities with her that perhaps could turn into a tradition. Chris even let me get a tree this year. It's a fake one and we'll have to figure out where to store that afterward, but I think it turned out really well and Miss T really enjoyed decorating it. Keeping her away from the presents under the tree is a bit more challenging since she thinks all of them are for her. Chris and I have stopped exchanging presents (to lessen the stress of shopping for all the other people), but I've decided to wrap at least one thing for each of us just to get her over the idea that it's all about her. After all, one of the main thing about the Holidays is sharing.

Gingerbread house

The other thing that I've wanted to do is to make a gingerbread house. Now, maybe I've been watching way too many cooking shows, but I was really ready to jump in and bake one myself. Of course, I came to my senses and decides to take it slowly this year and just purchase one of those pre-built ones in the store and you just decorate. (Like my co-worker said, it's not like you'll eat the thing afterward.) I know Miss T would enjoy it, judging by her love of decorating cupcakes and cookies. I had the box sitting on the counter for the past week and she had been asking to decorate it ever since. So on Sunday, after her little bonding trip with Chris to watch Princess and the Frog, I told her she could work on it after she takes a nap. And you know what, the first thing out of her mouth when she woke up was: "Gingerbread house!"

Gingerbread house
I think we did a pretty good job.

We're taking her to her first ballet next week to watch The Nutcracker in Yountville. (I can't help myself and got a lunch reservation at Bouchon before the show.) If I could somehow keep this blogging momentum up, I'll definitely report back.

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