Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Christmas morning!

Alright, if I don't write about Christmas now, I'll forget everything about it soon. Christmas is really more about kids than the adults. Chris and I both agreed to only fill the stocking for each other and no big gifts. We normally get stuff for each other during the year and we (especially Chris) will just get anything that we wants anyways. So it's all about Miss T. This year was more fun since she's more aware of Christmas from daycare, TV, family, etc. We even got her to go see Santa this year. We had to convinced her that she could ask for more than one thing. (I know, probably shouldn't have done that.) So far, here's the list of presents she got for Christmas:

play doh set with an activity table (from Santa)
pink little people minivan (from Santa, since she asked for a pink car)
digital music turntable thing that makes a lot of noise
digital camera
Christmas morning!
4' high rag doll
doctor set
CDs (Baby loves Jazz and Baby loves Hip Hop)
magnetic dress up doll
finger painting set (someone please remind me to talk to my aunt about this one)
Totoro stuffed doll
metal cooking set

The list is not completed yet as she haven't got the ones from her grandparents yet. Even with all the new toys, Chris and I are still buying stuff for her yesterday. We don't spoil her at all!

Back to Christmas Day. All the prepping paid off since I only have a few things to do in order to finish off the meal. Before dinner, we were snacking on these.


The actual menu for Christmas dinner:
Roasted Goose
Christmas Goose
Baked miso butter salmon
Miso butter salmon
Rice dressings w/ chestnuts
Scalloped potatoes
Sour cream apple pie
Caramelized banana lime tart
individual chocolate lava cakes
gingerbread cake
Truffles and spiced nuts
(We were snacking on these prior to dinner though. As shown here with spiced nuts in the background.)

Yes, there were more dessert than the actual dinner. But that's how it goes around here. =) I'm glad to have my brother's family and cousins over. A couple of friends ended up stopping by for dessert as well. I don't think we ever have that much people in our condo before! In all, good times with family with some yummy food. I would be happy to do this again, maybe just dessert next time and just skip the actual dinner part.

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