Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Day in Yountville

I got a tip that The Nutcracker performance in Yountville was a lot more reasonably priced for us to try it out with Miss T. (Thanks Jen!) I got the tickets about a month ago and while I'm at it, I can't help but got a reservation at Bouchon as well for lunch. The last time we went was probably about 4 years ago for Chris' birthday. I made reservation on Open Table and made sure to mention that we have a 2 year old with us, just so they know where to put us.

Christmas Tree
See the nice Christmas tree? We were actually seated right in the middle of the restaurant. Miss T is usually pretty good in restaurant, but she *really* likes it here. It might have something to so with the fact that since we stepped inside, everybody made a comment about how cute she is.

They even have crayons for her to draw on the table! We ordered the macaroni gratin for her. I got a salmon salad to start and a rabbit confit cassoulet for entree. Chris got a mixed green salad w/ goat cheese and a croque madame.
Macaroni gratin
She ended up eating just the *crispy* cheese on top.

Salmon Salad
Isn't this pretty? I think this is the first time I actually like a slow roasted salmon.

I made Chris move the plate for me to take a picture. He ended up burning his finger a little bit since the plate was pretty hot. Oops. Miss T also ate a lot of the fries.

Lunch was great, if a bit pricey. Not like we come up very often though. (At least that's how my reasoning goes.) We went next door to pick up a little sweet treat for later and drove over to the Lincoln Theater for The Nutcracker. Miss T did okay, just about as well as her parent anyways. Her attention definitely started to waive after about half an hour or so. The intermission was really hard since she just wanted to go by then. We did manage to sit through the whole thing with no melt down. Even managed to stay awake the whole time. I have to admit, I was really to take a nap once the second act starts. I need to learn to appreciate it just like Miss T, I guess. Maybe we'll try a bigger production next year.

Oh, the treat that I mentioned. How's this for a treat?
Snowman red velvet cupcake
This is a snowman red velvet cupcake. If you think a $3 cupcake is expensive, this baby cost $9.

then the hat
But what a great way to end the day!

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