Thursday, June 11, 2009

A few very random thoughts

- I discovered that there's nothing like thoughts of losing a few pounds to sent me to make desserts. I really do think I come up with the best ideas. (Picture and recipe to come soon if I manage to pull off what's in my head right now.)

- Am I the only one who thinks underwear are overpriced?!?!? And no, I'm not giving up on them.

- Speaking of thinking about losing a few pounds, I did discovered that finding clothes now is a lot easier. (It really just encourages me to buy more!)

- Talise really don't like to sleep.

- Why do they have so many fundraisers for daycare when we paid an insane amount of money each month already?? Yes, we try to participate on most as well.

- Foreign version of magazines like Woman's Day have much, much more interesting recipes. Eggplant and fish stew? Can't say I expect to see it in the US version anytime soon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eating habit of a 2 year old

I was really hoping for a toddler who would be adventurous when it comes to eating. I know, wishful thinking on my part. When she first started on solid food, like most kids, she would eat anything I give her since it's a new flavor compared to the formula she was on. Now she definitely got to the point where she has opinions and favorites. It was pretty difficult for a while there where I have to cook separately for her. Even then, she would only eat Costco chicken and fruits. Lately, it's been a little better, at least it seems a little more balanced and more variety to me. Sometimes she may actually eat what we're eating. She loves rice with the dried shredded pork and seaweed/sesame rice sprinkles that you could get at Japanese stores. (She loves seaweeds!) Chicken is still her main source of protein, at least we got out of the Costco chicken phase. I'm still trying to get her to eat fish, which she will eat salmon sometimes. Vegetable wise, she loves broccoli and will eat some other greens. I don't think there's much fruit that she doesn't like. From what I've been told though, she eats a little more stuff at school. Thanks them serving pasta at least once a week, I could finally serve her pasta at home as well. Pictured is an example of one of her dinner. Poached chicken in soy sauce broth, rice roll (mixed with seaweed, sesame, and dried pork), broccoli, cauliflower and chicken broth. Aside from the cauliflower (Chris is not a big fan either), she ate most of it. Now, I just need to work on a homemade version of 'chicken nugget' that could replace the frozen stuff she asks for all the time.