Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I got new eyes for the New Year

(Chris got this for me to make me feel better yesterday.)

I didn't really set any New Year's Resolution this year. As with most people, I never end up accomplishing them anyways. I did have a general concept of taking care of myself better and doing some of the things that I've meant to do. Lasik is something that I wanted to get done for a while. I just had to wait for my eyes to be stable again after I got pregnant. Finally, end of last year, I decided to have my consultation to see if I could even get the procedure done. About 10 years ago, I was involved in a car accident that resulted in my left retina partially detached. Luckily, my eye healed quite well and didn't have any scary problems afterward. I got the okay to do and scheduled my appointment for 1/16. This was back in October. When I ran out of contacts at the end of the year, I just decided to wear my glasses instead of getting two more boxes (different prescription on each eye.) I have not wore my glasses out in public since I got contacts in 9th grade! Wearing them again just reminded me how much I hate them. So when they called me to say that if I wanted a Sat appointment, I'll have to change to the 23rd, I asked for the next available appointment instead. That is how I ended up getting it done yesterday.

I was very nervous the night before. I mean, they do have to cut my eyes open! Miss T knew just how to make me feel better though.
Miss T: " There's nothing to be scare about. Doctors are nice. They are there to help you. You don't need to be scare of doctors. You only need to be scare of lions. They will bite you."
When she put it in that perspective, it really does help. Yes, my almost 3 years old is much wiser than I am. I'm not going to go into all the details of the surgery. You could get that elsewhere if you're interested as I'm not all that interested in reliving it again. Just so you know though, I had my follow up today and I am seeing 20/20 already. I still could see a haze, but that's to be expected. Since I started with such a high prescription, I was really surprise at the result being this good so fast. Now, if only the bruising will go away. I look quite scary with the red in my eyes right now.

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