Sunday, February 14, 2010


cherry blossoms

Happy Chinese New Year! We now begin the year of the tiger. Last night we had our 團年飯 at my parent's. It's a tradition to gather the family together to have dinner on New Year's eve to welcome the New Year's together as a whole family. Being that it happens to be on a Saturday this year made it a lot easier for us to meet at my parents. The only bad thing is that half of us have been sick and did not have our usual appetite. Here's the dishes:

團年飯 Chinese New Year's eve dinner

The poached chicken and the pig's hand (I'm not convinced that it's the foot though) are there as usual. Normally we would have steamed fish, but we had a steamed crab this year instead. Another more traditional dish is the one with mushrooms, dried oysters, and seaweed that looked like hair. Okay, maybe that sounds a bit strange if you're not used to it. To round out the rest of the meal, we also have blanched lettuce with oyster sauce, fried pork chops, and shrimps with scrambled eggs.

I picked up a dessert on the way there from my favorite place to get fruit tart, Patisserie Philippe in San Francisco. I don't think I actually went in a bakery before that close to Valentine's Day and was pleasantly surprised to see all the baked goods with the little white chocolate hearts on them. They have this large, red heart shaped macaron filled with whole raspberries and cream. Even though it was a large macaron, there's no way I could divide that between 9 people. So sadly, I had to past on that. Take a look at the fruit tart that I got though:

Fruit Tart

I think the gold was a nice touch for Chinese New Year's, don't you?

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