Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy busy busy


February has proved itself to be quite a busy month. The worst thing was that I was completely unprepared for it. Yes, Miss T's birthday is at the end of the month and we already decided to actually give her a little party this time. Now that she's going to be 3 and have been to a number of her cousins birthday parties that she could remember, she figured it out that a birthday party means cake, presents, and have people sings to her. Of course, being us, we have no idea how to really throw a party so we'll see what happens. At least we know for sure her cousins will be there! Besides Miss T's birthday this month, there's her cousin Sara's and my cousin Elisa's as well right before hers.

Then there are things at her daycare that popped up. Valentine's day, I agreed to make cookies for the class. So in addition to making a couple dozen cupcakes for Sara's birthday party this Saturday, I'll have to make a batch of cookies as well for Friday. Usually, Chris is around to help, especially when it comes to baking. Bad news for me, he got sick today and have not been out of bed since dropping Miss T off to daycare this morning. I know I know, problem will be solve if I just go and buy the stuff. That's just not in our DNA. Don't get me wrong, I saw half a dozen cupcakes at the supermarket today for $5 and I was definitely questioning why I'm making them from scratch. Then I remember all the crap they put in there and I came back to reality. Being one to never pass up an opportunity to try something different, I can't just make drop cookies like chocolate chip or anything. So tomorrow night will be cookie baking night and let's hope I won't be decorating them in the middle of the night. I also asked about whether any other parents are doing anything for Chinese New Year. That somehow turned into me possibly going in to tell stories and pass out treats. Did I mention Miss T's birthday? I'll be bringing in cookies and ice cream for her daycare class along with little party gift bags. I realized that I brought on the stress to myself, so maybe something is wrong with me...

Have I mention that I'm sleeping on the couch tonight to avoid being sick? (I don't even know how it would work if BOTH of us are sick.)

Don't even get me started on work.

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