Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Meringue cookies

The cookies above are from Patisserie Philippe in San Francisco. The raspberry meringue cookies looked so cute that I couldn't resist them while picking up a fruit tart for dinner last night. Chris and I actually don't celebrate Valentine's Day after we had a car accident more than 10 years ago on this day. It's harder to ignore it now that Miss T learns about these things and there were activities planned at daycare for it. As mentioned in the earlier post, I offered to make cookies for her class to eat during snack time since another parent have already volunteered to bring in cupcakes. I decided to make these:

Valentine's cookies

They were pretty simple to make, just sugar cookie dough (home made please) and fill the cutout in the center with crushed hard candy before baking. I remember making these in the early days of dating Chris for Christmas one year. The trick is to pile the candy as high as you can in order to have any thickness at all after it melts. Along with the cookies, they were also exchanging Valentine's cars. These are the ones Miss T picked out:

Valentine's cards

From what I heard, the cookies were such a hit that a lot of the kids actually ignore the cupcakes and just ate the cookie. That definitely made the work worth it.

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