Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!!

ice cream cone cupcakes

I made a total of six dozen birthday cupcakes the past couple of weeks. Four of them were for Miss T and another couple more for Sara. You would have thought with all the practice I would have find a recipe to be my stand by at this point. But nope, it is still a work in progress. I stuck with a basic vanilla cake base and a few different kinds of frosting. The first ones I made were these, cupcakes baked in ice cream cones. Chris suggested it and I have to agree that it was quite popular with her friends at the daycare.

When I was thinking about how to proceed, I did a few quick searches on the Internet to see if I could find any pointers. Many mentioned the top heavy issue, being that the top part have more cake. I thought I'll try putting in some white chocolate chips at the bottom of the cones to give it some weight.

ice cream cone cupcakes

For the cake, I used a butter cake recipe from the Baker's Dozen Cookbook. Filled the cones with the batter almost to the top. They stand pretty well without any help on the cookie sheet, but I still wouldn't fill them too far to the oven though.

ice cream cone cupcakes

I baked them for about half an hour or so, check with a long toothpick. The cakes created a nice dome on top after they are baked even with a few cracks.

ice cream cone cupcakes

Since I was bringing these to daycare for a bunch of 2-3 years old, I didn't want to use any raw eggs in the frosting/buttercream. I ended up using the Vanilla buttercream recipe from More from Magnolia cookbook. It consist of only powdered sugar, milk, butter, and vanilla extract.

I made these the night before and decided to frost them right before I bring them to daycare the next day so the buttercream won't develop a hard skin. I packed most of the buttercream up in a pipping bag and tied it shut. Just leave on the counter overnight, it will harden if refrigerated. I left a little frosting out and frosted about half dozen to bring to work with me in the morning since I ended up with about 32 cupcakes when I only needed 24 to bring in daycare the next day. Of course I have to do a little taste test as well with Miss T.

ice cream cone cupcakes v1

So as you can see, the white chocolate chips didn't melt the way I imagine them to at the bottom and actually caramelized quite a bit after baking. The butter cake was tasty, but I think a little too dense for cupcakes. The frosting is too sweet for me, but I think will be fine with the 3 years old. To transport the cupcakes, I wrapped an empty multi-pak yogurt box (any large box will do) to make it more festive and cut crosses on top so the cupcake will stay in place. The idea came from a picture I found on the internet where someone did the same to a pizza box. To make it more challenging for me, it was pouring down rain when I had to leave. I wrapped a large plastic bag over and made it to daycare with all the cupcakes in tact. About half of the kids ate the cake as well, the other half just licked the frosting off. Exactly what I expected a 3 years old would do and I definitely enjoyed watching all the kids enjoy their afternoon snack.


Theresa Foster said...

These look great. I have made chocolate ones before and did have the top heavy problem. I'm just thinking what if you put a few smarties or candy at the bottom? This could solve the top-heavy problem, no caramelisation and a tasty surprise at the end.

Winnie said...

Thanks for the suggestion! Haven't made these again for a few years, but I'll keep that idea in mind.