Saturday, April 3, 2010

Biscuits that I will probably never make again...

brown sugar black pepper biscuit

I had biscuits like these a few weeks ago with my chicken and waffles that are topped with a brown sugar/black pepper topping. I liked them so much that I wanted to try to make them at home. I don't, however, have the time/energy to make biscuits from scratch first thing in the morning. So the biscuits are from a tube. You know, the ones that pops really loud when you finally break the seal? I know I know, processed/package food are mostly bad for you with all kinds of gross chemicals and trans fat. I can't deny the convenience of having prepared packaged food though so I do buy them and checks the ingredients list closely. These I found at Trader Joe's and the ingredient lists are acceptable to me. I mixed up some brown sugar with freshly cracked black peppers and topped each with a generous spoonful. Bake as directed. While they are sitting in the kitchen cooling on the counter, Miss T walked in and said, "I smell something." Then she proceed to throwing up all over herself. She is still reminding me now, two weeks later, that I am not to make those biscuit anymore because it made her threw up. So, as much as I liked them, I will probably never make them again. I encourage other people to try them though, as I do think they are quite delicious.

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Tim said...

Aww poor kid..but those do sound good.