Thursday, April 1, 2010

Salted Caramels

A couple of weeks ago, Chris decided to take Miss T up for a couple more days of ski school while there are still snow. I don't remember having a couple of days by myself for a long time and definitely not since she was born 3 years ago. So what to do with myself? Make caramels of course! I saw the recipe on Good Eats with soy sauce as one of the ingredients. Now I can never resist odd ingredient in recipe to see how it works together. The morning after they left, I started my day boiling sugar.
boiling sugar

Boil until it is nice and dark. (I only took the caramel up to 325F instead of the 350F that the recipe asked for, too afraid to burn it.) Add the cream and butter and bring it back up to 255F.
caramelizing sugar

Pour into the prepared pan and let cool for half an hour.
salted caramels

I got some pink salt from Trader Joe's to sprinkle on. Don't have to be pink salt of course, I just wanted an excuse to buy it.
pink salt

Sprinkle the salt on top. I think I will cut back on the salt here, 1 tsp was quite a bit.
salted caramels

Let it cool for another 3 hours. In my case, the whole day since I left and went shopping with my cousin in Napa and had dinner at Ad Hoc before going home. Cut into little squares and wrap with wax or parchment paper.
salted caramels

Easy to make and you get a lot of it. Perfect for sharing with unsuspecting coworkers.