Monday, October 18, 2010

Miss T's new room ideas

Miss T's new room ideas
Miss T's new room ideas by wkwong on

The pic on the top left is what the room currently looks like. There's actually a great mural of Radiator Springs with all the cars on it. Maybe we'll try to keep it and just paint the rest with pink? She asked for pink, red and purple walls. But I think I'll have to keep the other colors as an accent. Or maybe just paint the two smaller wall red and the other pink? Strips? No idea how to incorporate purple in. Her toddler bed right now is actually orange, which will convert into a chair so it would be nice to incorporate that in as well. Definitely a work in progress...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Miss T's current favorite dress


I got this dress way back (2 years ago??) in Canada. Miss T loves it and asks for her dress with button on the sleeves all the time. Too bad it's getting too small for her now. The big drawback on this dress: I need to iron it after washing every time. Let me declare something right now, I hate ironing! *sigh* Things you do for your child...

4th of July

Kwong girls

Ha! I just realized that my last post was on 4th of July and it wasn't even about that. Here's a lovely picture of my sister in law and my nieces. Old Navy should pay to use this in their ad.

(I have lots to share and catch up on, be patient with me. I think I may begin to climb out of the mountain of work that I've been dealing with the past few months.)