Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010


This was the first holiday in our new place. We've been officially living here for less than a week and we needed to make pies for Thanksgiving dinner and also birthday cake for my niece. Luckily, the kitchen was pretty well set up before we started to spend the night here. The knives pictured above? I've been wanting to do that at the condo for a long time and never gotten around to it. Now that they're actually up, it's looking a bit scary.

Sour Cream Apple pie and Pecan Crumb pumpkin pie

The pies. The sour cream apple pie was mandatory. The pumpkin pie with the pecan topping was a new recipe I tried. It was tasty, but pumpkin center never set firm.

Since I never get to cook the turkey, I always bake one at home for us. For dinner tonight, I tried to make a turkey breast roulade. I took pictures along the process since I need to get back into the picture taking habit.

turkey, ready to be stuffed
Turkey breast butterfied and seasoned with salt and pepper. The breast bone turned into stock for gravy.

Line turkey with prosciutto.

cornbread stuffing
Topped with cornbread stuffing that has been cooled.

All stuffed up
Rolled and tied with strings. Drizzle oil on top.

finished stuffed turkey breast
Baked until the internal temperature gets to 165F.

dinner plate
Served with roasted brussel sprouts and fennel.

Crossed section of the the roulade.

Overall, it's pretty tasty. The biggest problem is that we're more of a dark meat fan than white meat. So, I might have to make small version of this with thigh meat sometimes. The little picky 3 years old liked it as well. Her favorite part was the brussel sprouts. Yes, she is a strange one.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

mochi maker

Miss T loves mochi. Just plain ones with no fillings. I've been meaning to try making them at home. As much as she likes them though, I don't think I could justify the purchase of this.