Sunday, July 4, 2010

USBC National Bowling Tourament @ Reno, NV

USBC bowling tournament

Have I really disappeared for a more than a month on here? And just as I was getting back into writing on a more regular basis. Describing work at the moment as hectic really doesn't seemed to do it justice. Hopefully things will change soon and my mind could finally get a little break. I'm just going to jump in with posts and eventually maybe I'll get back to the ones that I missed. (NYC posts? Hmm... I'm not sure how much I remember anymore.)

Chris has been bowling since he was in high school. Gotta love that second year of elective phy ed. This year's tournament is at the Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV. (Remember Kingpin? Yup, that's the stadium.) I think Miss T was disappointed that it was not in Vegas again. It was closer and we could just drive out there for a night.

Chris was bowling Thursday night and Friday morning. So we only needed to stay one night. Both of us keep putting it off and ended up in our favor since the price of the room at Silver Legacy dropped to $49 a night when we finally made the reservation two night prior. We later found out that it was the bowler's price anyways so I guess technically we could have gotten that price along. Miss T found this really big chair while we're checking in.

Big Chair

Chris and I were actually both sick. He was worse than I was so I tired to take Miss T out to walk around so she won't get too bored. I guess NV passed a clean air law this year and it really does make a huge difference in the amount of smoke indoor. We stayed mostly on the second level where the restaurants/games were and the smoke didn't bother much at all.


I think Miss T still had fun despite of putting up with the two of us. We had buffet twice, it was just cheaper and easier with just me and her. Buffet = as much bacon and dessert as she could stuff in her mouth. That was really the reason why she liked Vegas so much, she was allowed to have a whole plate of bacon to herself. And I had to take a picture of her with the bowling pin.

Miss T the future bowler??

We stayed at the bowling stadium on Friday for all six of Chris' games. There were other kids around from other bowlers, so she got a chance to play as well. Of course there's more coloring.

Miss T @ Bowling Stadium

A side note, I'm still surprise at the amount of people coming up to say how cute Miss T is. Even in Circus Circus where there are a ton of kids, she still get her share of attentions. A group of middle aged men were all going gaga over her in the elevator. The hostess at the buffet was actually disappointed that we don't live nearby. One random lady at the bowling stadium actually said how she wished she had her camera with her so she could take a picture of Miss T. Umm.. yeah, that's not strange. Of course, Chris putting her on his bowling bag and pulled her along the two blocks back to the hotel parking garage didn't help either.

chris & Talise

If this keeps up I really have to consider locking her up...