Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miss T's first dance recital

(Backstage getting a bit nervous.)

I'm so proud and excited about it that I'm actually going to blog about it on the same day! (Well, close enough. It'll probably be pass midnight by the time I'm done.) Miss T tried out a short ballet/tap dance class back in Spring and really enjoyed it. So when the full season started in September, we signed her up for not one, but two classes. She continued her ballet/tap class and I also signed her up for Musical Theater class since she enjoyed singing so much. Today is the Winter Recital, mostly for the younger performers and the musical theater students. There will be a bigger, fancier show in Spring. At least I'm thinking it's fancier since I have to pay $50 for two performing outfits for each of her class. The outfits in the Winter Recital were all just loans from the school. Her musical theater class performs first, Frosty the Snowman.

Things started off okay, a little hard to hear them without microphone though.

Notice now that she's doing something completely different from the other kids? Yeah, she may have needed more practice on that...

There was a pretty good performance based on Nightmares before Christmas. Then it's her ballet/tap class turn, performing Suzie Snowflakes. She was quite upset that she didn't get to put this on first when we were backstage. She liked this outfit better.

I don't know which one is doing what they're suppose to anymore.

Not too bad here...

Look! She's in the air!

A few other performances, including one with the Grinch.
See the Whos' hair? They had to do that at rehearsal yesterday and again this morning, can't even imagine how long it takes to wash out the hair spray.

Her teacher Ms Katie had a solo. She's the teacher for all the musical theater classes.

Finally, for their great performance, everyone gets a candy cane from Santa Claus!

I'm super proud of her, even though she could have done better with her routines. She didn't seem nervous on stage, which I didn't expect her to be. She's already looking forward to the Spring show. I'm looking forward to two weeks of no classes to get her to. =)