Friday, February 25, 2011

Miss T's birthday part 1

Miss T's birthday cake #1

What? You don't celebrate your birthday more than one time?? Oh, wait, normal people only celebrate once on their birthday. Maybe the memo haven't got to this 4 years old yet. Her birthday is coming up on Sunday so we celebrated today at daycare. Everything started so innocently in the beginning. I was completely out of ideas on what to do yesterday. I know that I can't just go to the store and buy a cake like normal people. (I have that working mom's guilt and tries to do more than I could really handle to make up for it. Who needs sleep anyways?) I live with someone who does not believe in boxed cake mixes either, no matter how natural/organic it may be. I decided on a simple carrot cake with a thin layer of cream cheese frosting so the other kid's parents won't hate me for getting them all high on too much sugar when it's time to go home. How did I made the jump to have this cake at the end? I'm not really sure. I know I've always wanted to make a cake like this. Every time I see a garden cake in magazine/web/blog, I would study it and file in my mind for later. I guess it just seemed like a perfect cake to impress a bunch of 3-4 years old. And let me tell you, I feel like a rock star this afternoon. Nothing like getting recognition from 20 little kids. I hope Miss T enjoyed her first birthday party. Tomorrow will be all about birthday cupcakes for Sunday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

兔年快樂! Happy Chinese New Year!


As with last year, we are bringing red envelops with chocolate inside for Miss T's classmate. She's a bit more helpful this year though.