Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I don't think I've ever been this busy or had this much to do for Halloween. I think Miss T is taking over my life! Wait, I supposed that's what happened when you have a child.

We started off with a trip to the pumpkin patch earlier in the month. We missed out going with our friends, so I took her to Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm near my work. It was Columbus Day so she had no school and wanted to stop by my office to visit my coworkers. The farm was pretty nice, didn't get to ride the little train since it only runs on weekend. But lucky us, we also missed the rain that came down after we left. We even got a bit of sun (hence all the pictures of Miss T with lines as eyes!)

She had to go put her face in every cut outs there. I love this one where she was yawning like a cat.

Look, she's this tall now!

She, of course, tried to pick the biggest pumpkin she could find. Not very successful at picking it up though.

My favorite picture of the day...

Now we moved on the the next activity for the month. As part of the musical theatre company group at her dance school, she was encouraged to participate in the haunted house during the Halloween carnival. Being that she's only 4, she was not expected to actually be inside the haunted house to scare people. So her job was to walk around the courtyard inviting people to go in the haunted house. We did a little practice run the week before so she knows what to expect. She thought the idea of scaring people was fun, but she does not want to see pictures of herself. I guess she's scared of herself?

Practice run
How's that for going from a cute picture of her to the other extreme?

At the day of the carnival/haunted house, she actually did go up to a few strangers and asked them to go visit her haunted house. We were pretty impressed that she got over her shyness, especially since the two other older girls with her were too shy to talk to anybody the whole time.

Finally, we got to the actual day of Halloween. Being that Halloween was on a Monday this year, she couldn't hang out with her cousins in the East Bay and stay up late. The Halloween parade at preschool was actually on Halloween though. Her official 2011 Halloween costume is...

Violet from The Incredibles!!

Oh no! Her secret identity is revealed!

She tried to convinced me to be Elastic Girl, but umm... me and that tight outfit? Not so much going to happen. After a few years of break, I decided to carve pumpkins for her this year. I must be really out of practice because before I could finish all three pumpkins, I stab my finger with one of the wood carving tool so that put an end to any more carving! Maybe it would be best of I limit myself to those "safer" pumpkin carving kits for kids.

Here are the two unfinished pumpkins.
(I don't now where she's learning to pose for pictures...)

I'm somewhat relieved that Halloween is over. It was hectic at times, but totally worth it to see how much she enjoyed it. We had to keep reminding ourselves that this pure excitement for things will only last a few more years. So in the end, any and all efforts are worth it. Now, on to November!

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