Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Dancer

Little dancer

Miss T had her recital today for both her musical theater and ballet/tap dance. It wasn't her first one, since she had a small winter recital back in Dec to practice. This is the big annual show at her school though. She actually goes to a decent size dance school, close to 1000 students at all levels. The annual recital actually consists of 3 different shows that's about 2 1/2 hour each. Lucky for us, both her classes are performing at the same show. The musical theater number was before the intermission and the tap number is after the intermission. Once the intermission began, I started to run to the backstage so I could change her in time for the next performance. No cameras allowed in the theater, so no pictures. They will sell a video of the show and I'm sure we'll get. The best part was how excited Miss T was to perform and how well she did on them. I guess this means that she will be enrolling in the fall again.


Backyard - before work starts

This was what my yard looked like this morning when I left for work. Overgrown weed. Retaining walls on verge of collapse. I literally never goes out there. The tire swing was probably the best thing it had going for it. Today is also the day landscape work started. The estimated time frame for the job to be done is 2 1/2 weeks. I'll be taking a picture each work day to document the progress and hopefully at the end, we'll have a yard that we won't be embarrassed to show people.

Oh yes, I'm way behind on posts and hopes to catch up on some soon.

(Incidentally the tire swing had to go due to the very ugly tree it was attached to. I need to find some way to incorporate a swing for Miss T now.)