Sunday, March 25, 2012

T's 5th Birthday


This year, I convinced T that a trip to Disneyland would be a lot more fun than having a birthday party outside of preschool. She agreed! =) That does not get me off the hook for bringing in birthday cake and goodie bags to preschool. T asked for the same cake as last year. Since I only had to deal with this little party, I agreed to make it again even though I told Chris last year that I will never make it again. 


This chocolate bunny never made it on the cake at school. She asked for the white chocolate bunny like last year but I didn't find a small one. I think the teachers were more impressed with the cake than the kids. At least most of the kids I saw actually ate the cake and not just the frosting and candies on top. I did find better candies this year to make the vegetables, fruit flavored tootsie roll. I also made fruit skewers to go with the cake. Need to balance out the refined sugar with some natural sugar after all! I got the idea from Pinterest for these rainbow fruit skewers. These went over really well with all the kids as well.


By the way, I'm never making that cake again!

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