Sunday, April 29, 2012

Disneyland 2012 - Day 2


Bear with me people, I know that I'm just now writing about a trip that happened 2 months ago. My memory got worse with age so I might not remember all the details by now! Day 2 at Disneyland was on her actual birthday. I got reservation at the Plaza Inn inside Disneyland to do the Breakfast with Minnie. Obviously, value wise, you will never eat enough to get anywhere closed to what you paid for each person. BUT, it is worth it to meet and get pictures taken with characters and skipped the lines later on in the park later on. I also found out that they tries to get two seatings in for breakfast, so once you get close to an hour in there, the wait staff will very politely hint that it's time to go. =)

Mickey Mouse waffles



Captain Hook

Minnie, of course!

Eeyore stopped by while she's having her birthday cake. I added that on as a surprise for her. It's a chocolate cake in a princess treasure chest. I think the cake cost me $15. =P

Danced with a penguin

That was about all the pictures I got that day, indoor and early in the day. The sky opened up midmorning and just started dumping water the rest of the day. Since it was a weekday, the park closes at 8. I think we waited until after 7 before heading back to the hotel. I paid the $8 pancho so I wouldn't get soaked. T was fine in her stroller and the rain cover. Chris just braved the weather and got soak during the 2-3 blocks back. I'm glad she was able to spend her birthday inside Disneyland, since once she starts kindergarden next year, we won't be able to just take her out of school for trips.

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