Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disneyland - Day 1


I mentioned last month that I managed to convinced T that a trip to Disneyland is way better than having a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese again. (Please, NEVER have a birthday party there. It was madness!!) Now that it's been almost 2 months since her birthday/trip, maybe I'll finally share some pictures and notes. =)

We drove down on Saturday afternoon right after her musical theater class. We managed to only miss her ballet/tap class on Monday. (Incidentally, we always seemed to miss the class on Monday way more often than the one on Saturday for some reason.) Along Hwy 5, the orchards were in full bloom. I wish I could've taken a better picture. I only managed this one in the car and couldn't show the pretty pink and white flowers very well.

It was night by the time we arrived at the hotel. She got to do her favorite thing while in a hotel before bedtime...
... coloring! She needs to make time for coloring in every hotel we stayed in.

Next morning, the first stop in Disneyland is City Hall to get her birthday button. She enjoyed everyone wishing her a happy birthday for the first two days. By the third day, she decided that she has had enough and didn't want to wear it anymore.

Everyone needs a picture in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

First ride of the trip. (Hey I'm actually in the picture!)

She only rode the teacups three times on this trip.

Met with some newer royalties.

Who's Duffy??? If you don't know who this is, here's the info.

A giant mouse that only has 4 fingers on each hand. (I never knew that before.)

One of her new favorite ride, Jumping Jellyfishes. It was the first time she was able to ride it (not tall enough before this trip.)

She asked for one of these ever since we decided to go to Disneyland.
She looked like she enjoyed it.

The first day at Disneyland/California Adventures was great. We were able to try out new rides. The lines were no more than a 10 minutes. The weather was slightly chilly for SoCa, but sunny and pleasant. (Can't say that about the weather on the next day.)

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