Monday, June 4, 2012

Mother's Day 2012


Our last Mother's Day at Daycare/Preschool! I'm already getting too sentimental and her graduation won't be until August! Alright, back to Mother's Day. Like all the previous years, all the moms were treated to a mini concert and presents made by the kids.

The first thing we see was this on the door:

"T: I love my mommys cooking." Well, I guess at least the efforts are noted.

On the tables at each of their spot, our gifts were waiting for us.


There are also a photo of us next to a drawing they did.

It was a very sweet afternoon. All the kids were so proud to give the presents they made to their mom. On the actual Mother's Day, T gave me a stack of drawings that she worked on. I love her drawings. I think maybe I need to feature just her drawings on one of these posts. (That requires me to blog, of course.)