Monday, July 16, 2012

Dance Recital June 2012


T had 3 shows this year. Along with rehearsals, I was at the theater with her as follows:
Monday: 3pm - 7:30pm (rehearsal)
Thursday: 2pm - 8:00pm (rehearsal)
Friday: 4pm - 7:30pm (Lion King performance)
Saturday: 12pm - 6:30pm (1pm show for Sugar Sugar & 5pm show for two excerpt from Lion King)

I don't know about her, but I was exhausted and had to catch up on work since I was barely there that week. Now that she's also going to be in the tap performing company next year year, I think I might as well as take the whole week off work next year. No shows for me though since I was backstage with her the whole time. People who saw it told me they were good (but one of them was C, so maybe not so unbiased here). I got a total of 10 tickets between all three shows and I'm glad all except for one were used. She loves to have people come watch her. I think the musical theater group she joined this past year really helps a lot. She was the youngest in the group and she had to work a bit harder to keep up with the rest of the girls. 

I just can't wait to be king - Lion King

She was so tiny among all the other girls there were 2-3 years older than her.

These are from the first rehearsal where they were not wearing any makeup. I should have taken pictures during the final rehearsal instead. No photo or video were allowed during the actual recital. I'll probably have to order the DVD for the Lion King if it's not too late.

Sugar Sugar


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