Monday, July 16, 2012

Safari West - Santa Rosa


We took the first week of July off. The first idea was to do a road trip up to Portland. Then the reality of actually driving to Portland set in and we decided to just stay more local. We heard about this Safari West place and decided that this would be a good time to check it out. Tickets have to be ordered in advance. T ended up really enjoying it, but I found out after I came back that one of my co-worker really did not enjoyed it. I guess it all depends on how interested your kid is in animal? This is a wildlife preserve/breeding operation specializing in African animals. The animals gets to roam around. No lions or anything, otherwise there will be no animals left. The scariest animal we saw where cheetahs there were in a cage. T was very excited to them though since she was a cheetah for Lion King. We got to go on an hour long ride on these WWII Jeeps that they refashioned into touring vehicles.



She found a feather, but she's not allow to keep it. So we took a picture instead.

Baby monkey! I can't remember if she's two weeks or months old...

There are these cabins/tents on premise that you could rent. We thought about it, but decided against it as it was a bit pricey. It does have a working bathroom and that is the type of "camping" I'm willing to try. Maybe next time.

The zebras were my favorite and totally unexpected.

Wildebeests are really not the most attractive looking animals.

This ostrich is named Goldie. She followed us around for a while looking for food.

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