Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

excited girl

T started school last Monday on Aug 20th. I still can't quite believe that she's going to a big kid school now! We were extremely lucky for her to be in a Chinese immersion program at a public school. That was our main goal and even had a backup private school plan. As much as we like the private school, it was brand new program and there isn't much structure set up yet. We've been preparing her since we got the acceptance letter back in March that when she starts kindergarten, the teacher will mostly speaks to her in Chinese (85% will be taught in Chinese only). I'm pretty sure that I was more nervous about the whole transition than she was.

I told her she could pick out a new outfit for the first day of school. So we went to the mall and she saw this outfit on in the window at H&M. She basically just pointed to it and said, that's the one. Then she tried to get me to buy up half of the store for her. Typical shopping trips with her...

C and I kept our schedule of him dropping her off and I do the pick up after. He decided that he'll do the bus thing with her since the bus near our house stops about 3 blocks from her school. We both took the day off so we took the bus with her the first day. Normally, it takes about 30 minutes to get there. With the morning commute madness, it took us an hour. Luckily, we left early and made it to school 5 minutes before it starts. They still doing the bus thing so far. Neither of them likes it, but it would've take C longer to drive her there and drive home to ride his bike in to work. Now he just takes his bike on the bus with him and rides to work from the school.

The parents were only allowed to be with the kids in the court yard, where they are lined up according to the class room assigned. There are a total of 3 kindergarten classes with 30 kids each. After the school opening gong and the principal gave a short welcoming speech, all the kids walked in their class.
starting the day
She didn't even look back at us. =P

A small breakfast was set up for the parents, but C and I decided to walk down to a cafe nearby to grab some real breakfast. I needed it to get over the shock of having a kindergartener now.

We picked her up a bit later so she could hang out at the onsite after school program a bit. Kindergarten at her school has the same hours as the rest of elementary, 9:30 - 3:30. Still a bit early for me to pick her up. T never takes nap with us on weekend, so we didn't think the new no nap schedule would be too big of an issue. After about 3 days, we realized that she really needs to be going to sleep a lot earlier. She actually fell asleep twice on the way home!

I managed to get one picture of T in front of her classroom.
T in front of her room

So far she's doing really well adjusting to the new school/friends/schedule/commute. She's not freak out about the language aspect of it (she doesn't speak any Chinese at all before this). She seems excited to tell us what new words/things she learned at school. It also sounds like she's making new friends (all girls, because boys are icky.) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that will continues.

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