Sunday, August 19, 2012

Preschool Graduation


I honestly don't want to write about this as I'm still in a state of denial. This past year at pre-school went by so fast. I still remember last year at this time she was just starting in Room 12 (pre-school room). C and I were talking about how she finally made it to the last room at the school. Since starting at this school in July 2007 when she was 4 months old, she had been through 5 rooms prior to this last one. C and I had 5 years of driving to the school everyday and now it finally comes to an end. I've been playing up the graduation as a very exciting thing for a while, knowing that she is very nervous about starting a new school. I even managed to take one of my niece with me again so she have a little more family there to support her. Friday afternoon traffic always start earlier, so I gave myself 2 hours to get from the East Bay back over. Good thing since I just have enough time to get home, change (T insisted that I put on a dress) and leave to get there on time.

The courtyard was fully decorated when we got there. Most of the seats were already taken. Not a big deal for me since I've planned on standing to take pictures anyways.



After all of them walked in the courtyard, they first did the Pledge of Allegiance.

They did a few songs after that, including the chicken dance.
(I have videos but I don't have time to resize it yet.)

They called everybody's name, after receiving the diploma, each of them got to go up to the mic and let everyone know who they wanted to be when they grow up. There were the typical policeman, teacher and firefighter. I was surprise to hear truck driver and a golfer (from a girl, yay!). T said that she wanted to be a dance teacher, but already changed her mind days before. Her choice of career right now is a children's book author. Again, I have video of it and maybe I'll get that off my computer one day...


All of us! (That's the real reason why I needed my niece there!)

Now, I need to figure out a way to rest somehow tonight. Kindergarten starts tomorrow!!!

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