Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Trip - Petrified Forest & Fort Bragg


There was only about 3 weeks left before the school year starts. We decided to take one last weekend trip before her dances classes starts on Sat again. Since we didn't make it up to Fort Bragg on our last trip, we decided to go up there this time. Hotel was actually quite hard to locate, I guess everyone else is trying to fit in their summer trips as well. The closest hotel I found was in Ukiah. We invited one of my niece along since she could keep T company on the long car rides. Our first stop was the Petrified Forest.


I guess I had hoped it would be a bit bigger, but we finished the loop in about 30 minutes. We even made my niece read every single signs in there. We did all enjoy the walk though. With the walk taking such a short time, we ended up in Ukiah pretty early in the afternoon. Maybe I didn't do enough research on Ukiah, but we didn't see much to do. There was a Redwood Fair that weekend, but we decided to pass on that. What we did do was spend 2 hours trying to locate a swimsuit for T and C so they could spend some time at the hotel pool. My niece was smart enough to pack one. It is true that all you need is a nice pool while vacationing, that was really the highlight for the two girls.

The next morning we got up and ate the pretty bad free breakfast at the hotel so we could make the trek over to the ocean. The drive was pretty long and with two of us in the car prone to car sickness (my niece and I), we made it there just fine despite all the curves. We got to Fort Bragg and walked around a bit.

The girls found a pretty big tree trunk.

The skunk train station. If we are up again, maybe we'll try that next time.

The real reason for going up there, the glass beach. A lot of the bigger glass pieces are gone, we still see people walking away with bags of them. I've told the girls before to not take any so other people can enjoy them. They were both quite good about it. Of course, I reminded them a couple more times there when we're near people collecting a bag. =P

After Fort Bragg, we stopped by Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. It was a very pleasant half mile walk or so from the parking lot to the light house. There are even a couple cottages there that you could rent to stay. Look at the lighthouse keeper's house.

T was so determined to get to the lighthouse that we kinda left us behind.

Overall, it was a great little vacation. I wish we have more free weekends to do these trips more often.

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