Monday, December 17, 2012

Halloween 2012


What better time to talk about Halloween when it's a week from Christmas??? ;) I actually just realized that I never got pictures of T in her actual Halloween outfit this year. (She was Padme.) I'll have to work on getting those before the year is up. Back to some quick notes on Halloween... We went down to Half Moon Bay in Oct. to visit a pumpkin patch. It was a relatively short visit, but we managed to get a nice amount to fill up the fire place at home.

T had a Halloween performance at dance school this year as well. She still opted to not work in the haunted house. The darkness still scares her a bit. She did have the idea to dress up as a creepy doll. Here's the first makeup run.

Halloween 2012
A friend told me that she looked like a clown there. Which I guess is creepy too...

Her final look on the day of the performance.
Alright, maybe I'm having too much fun with makeup on her.

The most awesome part? Their performance was Thriller!
(Yes I do have video, at least the part that she was in it. It's on the other computer somewhere...)

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