Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hunger Games birthday cupcakes


My niece just turned 13 (!!!) and wanted a Hunger Games theme cake. I did not read the books yet so I had to rely on what I could find online. When I found this, I knew I wanted to try my hands on them because they were so pretty. My favorite is the one with the piece of bread on the leaves. It meant nothing to me since I don't know the story, but other people have assured me that it made sense. I think they turned out okay, not as elegant as the original inspiration, but impressive enough for the birthday girl.




The rose, piece of bread, and the top part of the arrow were made from this moldable buttercream frosting I found. I used less than half of the recipe yield, something to keep in mind for next time. The rose can be piped, of course. I just never figured out how and I could make it easier with this.

This one I came up with. I had the intention to cut out the design with the moldable buttercream, but it was cracking too much to stay in one piece. I ended up piping some melted chocolate at the last minute for three of them.  Probably should have done that to begin with.

I think this cupcake stand was well worth the $20 investment I made a few years ago.

I still can't believe this girl is 13!

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