Sunday, March 17, 2013

Miss T is 6 years old!


I know everybody with kids will say it at some point, but seriously, how in the world did she get to be six already??? The more she becomes a little girl, the more I missed her as a little baby. (Notice I said I missed "her" as a little baby, does not mean at all that I wanted another one!)

Her birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. She asked me to make her cookies to share with her classmates. I was going to just buy some, since she didn't ask until two days prior. Her response? "Mommy, you make the best cookies and they don't have all the icky chemicals." Well, I guess I should be proud that she actually listened.  So of course, I made her pink (food coloring is chemical, but only like 2 drops) heart sugar cookies the night before. We had enough for both her kindergarten class and her tap class that day. But by the time I pick her up from school, she was running a fever and felt miserable. Poor thing did not like being sick on her birthday. Opening the presents at home did managed to cheer her up and gave her a short burst of energy though.

We set her party on Saturday after her birthday at Gymtowne in South San Francisco. Luckily, she was feeling much better by then. Her theme is Hello Kitty again. Maybe I encouraged her a bit after I found a bunch of really nice Hello Kitty watches as favors on eBay (only $3 each!) It's also pretty easy to grab stuff. I even found these decorations for the cupcakes that I didn't have to worry about doing from scratch (which I'm sure would not look as nice.)


I made a small cake at the last minute as I realized that there are more than 24 people and the candle will not fit on a cupcake. I was literally finishing all the cakes on Saturday morning. Good thing the party didn't start until 4. (At least I didn't make this cake again...)


They had a little over an hour to play in three different areas. I think all the kids had a good time. Her preschool friends have been there a few times already, but all her friends from kindergarten were experiencing it for the first time.


There were quite a bit of kids...

Happy Birthday Miss T. I do wish you'll consider maybe staying at 6 again next year?

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